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Livia2.0 Livia2.0 20 February 2021

Im going to watch ep 11 now

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Ink Sans the AU protector Ink Sans the AU protector 18 February 2021

I have a theory.

Salad fingers is blind. He sees things the way his eyes see them. That is basically the whole show. A blind man in 1939, who sees things that aren't real and change this world in a strange way. Salad fingers in a nutshell.

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Mintyfingers Mintyfingers 7 July 2020

Formatting for the Character's Pages

Hello everyone,

I have decided to write this blog to let everyone know how every character's page is most likely going to be organized. This is based off of Salad Fingers and Hubert Cumberdale's pages. The formatting is as follows:

1.) Appearance- this section describes the character's physical appearance such as the character's notable features, clothes, etc.

2.) Background- this section describe the character's backstory and current life (whether the character is deceased or not; if the character is deceased, the background details how the character's current state has impacted the living individuals), including notable events.

3.) Personality- this section describes the character's behavior, characteristics, and other distinct qualities that d…

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Mintyfingers Mintyfingers 17 March 2020

A MUCH needed update.

Three years later...

Minty returns to the Salad Fingers Wiki on a cloudy Monday afternoon feeling very jaded yet pleasantly surprised at how well behaved everyone has been, considering the last time she was here the Salad Fingers Wiki community was a total mess.

Hi everyone, after three very long years, I have finally decided to check on this wiki again and wow! It certainly does feel odd coming back but... here I am, more mature and, more importantly, confident that I can be the admin of this wiki.

I'm not going to sugar coat it, the way I left this wiki was very unsavory, to say the least. I wrote a fiery blog post out of anger (and looking back on it, can I just say, how unprofessional of me) and decided right after that my time on the wiki …

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Martin2646837 Martin2646837 2 February 2019

Salad Finger's Age

Where is the proof that Salad Fingers got 28 years?

Tell me

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Mintyfingers Mintyfingers 23 March 2015


Hello everybody! Well, the troll has stopped deleting information, so that's a good thing. I became the new admin (and I cried, I'd thought that I wouldn't get it.) so that's exciting! I hope to manage this wiki "professionally" (if that's the word) and try to fix all issues as best as possible. Sorry I wasn't on for 2 weeks, my dad took my laptop to go look for new jobs. I'm using his computer to type out this blog. After I finish typing this, the first thing I might do is double check the wiki activity, see if anything is fishy.

Wow. Thanks for letting me become admin, as I mentioned before, I'll try to do my best to manage the Salad Fingers wiki. It's an honor to be one. :) Sorry that this was short.

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Planterobloon Planterobloon 15 March 2015

Salad Fingers: A Case Study

This is my idea for what is going on in the world of Salad Fingers.

The Wake-Up Call refers to the end of Episode 5.

  • 1 Salad Fingers
  • 2 The Puppets
    • 2.1 Hubert Cumberdale
    • 2.2 Marjory Stewart-Baxter

Salad Fingers is, in my opinion, transgender (biologically female). This explains having a teat and apparently having been a bride (before he came out). This also explains why he wasn't in the army; transgender people are often discharged even today. He is often referred to as "Mr. Fingers", reflecting his chosen gender, and refers to himself as Kenneth's older brother. I am NOT trying to connect this to his psychosis.

Fingers knows, somewhere in the back of his mind, that this is all a hallucination. This is shattered by the Wake-Up Call, when he truly realiz…

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Mintyfingers Mintyfingers 26 February 2015

The Troll Strikes Again! (and not in a good way.)

Hello everybody. I'm Minty (aka mintyfingers) and I'd like to talk about the recent events that have been occuring in the pages of characters & episode information. Please read on if you're interested.

See, I've only been here for a month and already I'm seeing a big problem occur. There is a troll deleting all information of some characters and some episodes. I first noticed this when I went on the Spoons page and every bit of information was deleted. I typed out a brief summary, in hopes of a professional user to edit it to look like normal. After a week has passed (and here we are, hello), the troll had, once again, deleted every bit of information. But now, the troll has progressed into erasing more information.

The troll doesn't have a …

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