Cage is the fourth episode of the Salad Fingers series.

Salad Fingers wears a beret and declares that he is going to try and find France. However, he is frightened by a mutated boy with disproportionately large eyeballs that has been "watching him for a while now". Salad Fingers becomes uncomfortable with the child's proximity and begins to leave, saying that he'll find France another day. The boy, who speaks only in growls and grunts, approaches Salad Fingers and licks his hand, having apparently fallen in love with him.

Stitch-Head proposing to Salad Fingers.

Inside his house, Salad Fingers sees a gray millipede-like bug coming out from a hole in the wall. He addresses it as "Bordois" and his "little sister". Feeling very comforted by its presence, he starts talking to the bug. He becomes jealous and goes to touch it and, in doing so, accidentally crushes it and looks at it in curiosity which turns to disgust. He then says to Bordois that she's "gone flat" and become "all gooey", and that he "shalln't play with her again, until she's had a wash." Salad Fingers then hears a knock on the door, which he opens to find a "grubby tap" attached to a string on the ground. Salad Fingers becomes excited about this "gift" and begins to fantasize about taps. He attempts to fetch it, but it is drawn away on the string as bait. He is so drawn to the tap that he ends up walking far away from his home and walks deep into the barren wasteland.

Still attempting to fetch the tap, he walks right into a bear trap and gets caught in it; which causes him to lose blood and consciousness while savoring the pain blissfully. He wakes up in a cage, and enjoys rubbing the rusted bars. The grotesque boy approaches the cage and holds out a ring (on which is mounted a human tooth) as if proposing marriage. Salad Fingers becomes distraught, states "I don't like this game", then pulls a curtain down over the window of the cage, angering the boy. Once angered, the boy makes an unintelligible noise that sounds like "You're my own now." When the curtain lifts, the boy, seeing that Salad Fingers has disappeared, begins to cry. The episode closes with Salad Fingers, wearing his beret, flying away gleefully on a giant tap.

Trivia Edit

  • Stitch-Head is rumoured to represent a baby that was in Salad Fingers' past. For one he resembles that of an embryo, he makes baby noises, and he seems to treat Salad Fingers a bit like an authority figure in the sense he always looks up to him.