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Dr. Papanak is a living hand puppet. It is unclear if it is just one of Salad Fingers' hallucinations or if it really is a sentient being. Dr. Papanak has so far only appeared in episode 10. It displayed violent behavior, biting Salad Fingers on the head and attacking Horace Horsecollar with sharp weapons that serve as hands. It is unknown why Salad Fingers used Dr. Papanak to operate on the horse instead of Harry (Milford Cubicle). Salad Fingers refers to Papanak as if it has seen him before.


Dr. Papanak is found buried under some other random objects in a cart. Its only form of communication appears to be raspy grunts and low growls. Whether it is a sadist or simply enjoys eating flesh and blood remains unknown.

Episode Appearances


Dr. Papanak is a pale hand puppet with a blue suit and a tie. It resembles a male doctor, wearing a head mirror, but is truly nothing of the sort, attacking with metallic claws and real teeth. After each assault, it is covered in the blood of its victims.


  • Dr. Papanak is a very violent humanoid creature.
  • It bites the side of Salad Finger's forehead as part of his "appointment".
  • Salad Finger's "examination" is rather intimate in nature, implying that he currently is experiencing the personality of a girl who was seduced by her doctor and then taken advantage of.