"Friends" is the second episode of the Salad Fingers series. This episode features three new prominant characters: Hubert Cumberdale, Marjory Stewart-Baxter and Jeremy Fisher.

In this episode Salad Fingers decides to have a get-together with his "friends", Hubert, Marjory, and Jeremy. It turns out that the trio are actually just finger puppets that Salad Fingers believes to be real. Wondering what his friends taste like, he briefly inserts them into his mouth, exclaiming that Marjory Stewart-Baxter tastes like "sunshine dust", while Hubert Cumberdale tastes like "soot and poo" (strangely he doesn't taste Jeremy Fisher). Salad Fingers then tells them that he has a fish cooking in the oven and speaks a nonsensical phrase in French.

In the next scene, a frightened child wandering around the barren wasteland responds to Salad Fingers' call for help. Salad Fingers cannot reach the fish cooking in his oven and asks the child to get it for him. As the child very reluctantly reaches into the oven, Salad Fingers sees a rusty nail jutting out of the wall and reaches to stroke it, causing the oven door to close with the child still inside. Salad Fingers then impales his finger on the spike and begins bleeding, blissfully saying, "I like it when the red water comes out."

Salad Fingers turns pale and passes out. Apparently dreaming, Salad Fingers walks through a large meat locker singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow to himself. While inside, he meets a full-size Hubert Cumberdale, who screams distorted electronic noises at him. When Salad Fingers awakens looking surprised, he is very pale and is sitting in a pool of his own blood. The oven is smoking at this point while Salad Fingers states, "That fish smells about done," ignoring the fact that it was the smoke from the "cooked alive" child that he'd forgotten about when 'dozing off'.

Trivia Edit

  • It is unknown how Salad Fingers acquired a fish, as there are no bodies of water around his location. At least none that have been introduced.
  • The random French that Salad Fingers' speaks: "Alors, Nabilah, comment t'appelles-tu? Qu'est-ce qu'il y a?" roughly translates to, "So then, Nabilah, what's your name? What's the matter?" or "What is there?" Nabilah is a popular first name in Algeria.
  • Interesting to note that Hubert C is an anagram of "butcher," and Salad Fingers meets Hubert in a meat locker while he is hallucinating.