Harry (or Milford Cubicle as Salad Fingers names him), is a minor character in the Salad Fingers series.

Harry is featured in the third episode, Nettles. He is an aggressive, arm-less, grotesque man with an enlongated deformed head, he speaks through incomprehensible babbles and screams. His name tag says "Harry." He was probably mutated by the effects of The Great War. He follows Salad Fingers when he takes the baby carriage from the field of nettles, and watches him at his window as he rubs them on his nipples.

Harry runs over to the door, screaming incoherently and slamming his head against the door. He slams his head against the door continuously, which kills him.

Salad Fingers opens the door, greets the lifeless Harry, and names him Milford Cubicle, even though his name tag clearly says "Harry". The most likely explanation for this is that Salad Fingers cannot read, as seen in episode nine, when he scribbles all over a piece of toilet paper.

Salad Fingers pulls Harry into his home, and hangs him on a meathook, asking if he'd like some warm milk. Harry's body continues to sag on the meathook while Fingers plays the flute,and music

Harry's origins are never delved into, explained, or stated.  Due to how intact his clothes are, it can be surmised that he hasn't been mutated long. His aggression is also uncertain, potentially also due to the mutation or, just like Salad Fingers, he has simply gone insane. Since no other buildings are shown, it's never stated how Harry has been living without a home or if he even lives in the area. Due to his lack of arms, it's also difficult to say how he's been feeding himself, perhaps he could have been eating his own arms.

Harry, or rather his rotting remains, are seen again in the tenth episode, Birthday. Salad Fingers says it would be polite for him to take a bath for Hubert Cumberdale's Birthday party. It can be assumed his remains have been in Salad Fingers possession for quite some time as his body is severely decomposed (or 'pooey' as Salad Fingers puts it). By the end of the episode, his body is nothing but skeletal remains, which Fingers suspects one of the horses did it. His skin and clothes are used to make Salad Fingers' "present" in Ep.10, ‘Birthday’

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Trivia Edit

  • Harry's shirt says "B.B.Q." in big yellow letters.
  • His name tag says "Harry. Happy to help".
  • It also has 5 stars on it.
  • His attire and the name tag suggest that he used to be a butcher.
  • While his shirt is completely intact, he doesn't seem to wear pants.