Mable is a young red haired girl that first (and so far only) appears in Episode 5: Picnic. She appears to be silent, however begins talking, apparently filling Salad Fingers with fear. She is not seen again.

Mable, like Kenneth and Milford Cubicle, is falsely named by Salad Fingers. Like the Varsity Jacket boy, she is wandering the wasteland for an unknown reason and appears to be not only not mutated, but sane. When she wanders by, Salad Fingers invites her to sit down and join him and his friends for a picnic. He responds for her regarding her tasting the food at first and seems joyful of her presence. At one point a crow flies by and takes Salad Fingers' spoon. They both laugh and then Mable speaks. She talks sweetly, however Salad Fingers seems to heavily dislike hearing her speak, and retreats to his house where he envisions her without eyes in front of a weird vortex speaking nonstop while he sits in a corner. Salad Fingers disliking of Mable's soft talk is probably due to his long isolation from friendly human contact, receiving mostly only screeches as a response from other people.


After that, Salad Fingers never saw Mable again. Her fate is unknown.

Appearance Edit

Mable has orange, poofy hair. She has pale skin with freckles on her face. She wears a pink dress with a blue shirt inside. Mable wears matching pink shoes with white knee-high socks. She is very messy due to the wasteland.