Marjory Stewart-Baxter appears in episode 2 Friends and episode 11 Glass Brother, and makes cameos in episode 5 Picnic and episode 9 Letter. She is the only female finger puppet belonging to Salad Fingers. Her face is pale, similar to Hubert Cumberdale. Salad Fingers describes her as tasting like "sunshine dust."

It's been theorized by some that Marjory might've been Salad Fingers' wife before the supposed nuclear fallout of the The Great War.

She then also appears in the episode Picnic, in the background she can be seen popping up in the mirror and staring angrily at Salad Fingers when he asks Mable to be his new 'play mate'.

Her latest (minor) appearance was in the episode Letter, where Salad Fingers says to her, "I think we've been given a duff one, Marjory."

She makes an appearance at the beginning of Glass Brother, where Salad Fingers, disgusted by her hair, rips it out with his teeth, causing him to gag and her to become bald with strings of hair remaining.

Episode Appearances Edit