The Mysterious Tall Pole only appeared once (so far) in Episode 10. It is unknown how it knocked on Salad Fingers' door, it may have


even been a figment of his imagination. A knock on the door is heard. He responds to the knock with "Who on earth could that be? It's far too early for guests". He opens the door and looks confused, then comes to a conclusion, "Let's see what the fingers make of all this." He caresses the pole, then pulls his fingers back quickly and says "You appear to be free, of all information". He looks angrily at the pole as he despises the smooth, plain texture of the pole. He then looks at his fingers and speaks to them as if they are sentient beings and advises them to stay away from the pole. He then looks back at the pole and says "Are you Hubert's birthday stick?" It is probable that he was referring to a candle stick. He then says to himself "No answer, as I expected". At the near end of the episode Salad Fingers is sitting with five other distorted creatures which resemble Salad Fingers. They appear to not be able to speak. Salad Fingers sits with them with a slightly worried look on his face. Soon the ground begins to rumble; it is the pole lowering. When it lowers within Salad Fingers' reach, it has a present on top. He addresses to the pole, "I thought you've all forgotten" as if it is his birthday, not Hubert Cumberdale's. He opens it and very mysteriously, a hat shaped out of Harry's (Milford Cubicle's) flesh and skin is found. Salad Fingers puts it on and says he will wear it from "There to the grave." It is unknown if he will wear it for the rest of the series.

Biography Edit

It's reason or how it got there are unknown, it may even be another of Salad Fingers' hallucinations. It goes way up into the sky beyond sight, it is also very strange how it lowers to Salad Finger's reach so fast considering it went up so high beyond even the clouds. It is unknown if it grew from the bottom up or from the top to the bottom.

Appearance Edit

The pole is tall, a very light shade of grey. with a circular line around it every few inches, it goes up very high (or goes down very low).

Trivia Edit

  • The pole is not alive yet it lowers when nobody triggers it.
  • It's possible that some off-screen character triggered it.
  • This still doesn't explain how it made salad fingers' "present", or knocked on the door.
  • It may be operating autonomously, and be aware of Salad Fingers.