Roger the Radio

Appearing in episode eight, Roger is a broken radio that speaks in a robotic, aggressive manner (much like a Dalek) and scares Salad Fingers into the cupboard twice. Roger, according to Salad Fingers, must be given 'sustenance' (in the form of small brown pellets which appear to be beans, marbles, or malt balls.) while in reality all he is doing is putting this 'sustenance' into the back of the radio which is overflowing with the items.

Salad Fingers tells the viewers he typically wakes up and listens to Roger's broadcasts involving the war, and if he's lucky, he also listens to "Croxley". He adjusts the dial and gets no feed, however in his mind he hears Roger make noise. In this specific instance Roger begins making noise which is loud and distracting, causing Salad Fingers discomfort. Salad Fingers tries to find out if this is because of anything he did, but the radio emits further noise and he retreats - assuming it must "concern him".

Later that night Roger "is making that noise again". This time Salad Fingers crossly reprimands him for being noisy, however Roger aggressively demands the hair that Salad Fingers found back, and then demands that the house be cleaned. Salad Fingers refuses and Roger complains, causing Salad Finger to retreat once again; this time in tears.

Unlike the others, Roger appears to hold dominion over Salad Fingers.

Roger is another character in which Salad Fingers can't stand hearing speak English, just like "Mable".