Salad fingers

Salad Fingers currently resides alone in a small wooden shack, located in the desolate wasteland. It has the number 22 written on the door, a small window with red curtains and a chimney. The shack on the outside is brown in color, while the walls and floor inside are colored dark olive green. Mr. Branches in standing 21 yards (or 19 metres) away from it (as seen in the episode Shore Leave).

It consists, among other things, a bedroom, phone, table, radio, a couch, an oven and a safety cupboard. The shack appears to be filthy, with paper and trash scattered on the floor beside the bed (as seen in the episode Letter). 

Salad Fingers never strays too far away from his shack (with the exception in the episode Cage, where he's lured far away from it by a grubby tap).