"Spoons" is the very first episode introduced in the Salad Fingers series. It introduces his world and his love for rusty items.

The episode begins with Salad Fingers standing out in a barren wasteland and says hello. After staring into his eyes while continuously breathing, he then begins to stroke a spoon, saying that he likes rusty spoons. Stating that the feeling of rust "is almost 'orgasmic'," he decides to go search for "the perfect spoon."

Salad Fingers ends up walking to a house with a boarded up window. He then proceeds to ring the doorbell while stroking the sides. The Yellow Child appears, and Salad Fingers greets it. After telling the child about searching for spoons, the yellow child ghastly screeches, which seems to be it's only communication.

Salad Fingers asks where it keeps the spoons, and the yellow child simply replies with another ghastly screech. However, it seems as though Salad Fingers can understand the child, for he states that he must leave.

The episode ends with Salad Fingers caressing a rusty kettle while moaning happily.

Trivia Edit

  • This was the very first episode of the series
  • This was the first appearance of the Yellow Child. In this episode Salad Fingers does not refer to it as Aunt Bambridge, but simply as "Young Child".