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The Great War is a catastrophic event that, although never shown, has been a gloomy subject in the entire Salad Fingers series. As with most events and memories of Salad Fingers, it is unknown whether or not the war is a figment of Salad Fingers' imagination or an actual event.

Characters in the series that are known to have supposedly participated in The Great War are Kenneth (Salad Fingers' "brother") and Jeremy Fisher (One of Salad Fingers' puppets.)


No episode has ever given background to this event, but many fans speculate that the Great War is actually responsible for the near lifeless post-apocalyptic world Salad Fingers must live in. In the 20th century, the only war refered to by this name was World War I, called the Great War by some before World War II, which ties back to Salad Fingers' behaviour, manner of speaking, and such as examined in Film Theory's two-part Salad Fingers series which looked at various things pointed out throughout the series like locations, Horace Horsecollar, Over the Rainbow and We'll Meet Again (both of which released in 1939, possibly ruling out the theory that the war being referred to is World War I. The most plausible given this information would be World War II, the Cold War, or a fictional war.), and the trenches. Another name for the war was 'The War to End All Wars'. If this name is true, and in this universe, The Great War did end all wars, and perhaps even civilization. Some believe that Salad Fingers is in the years following 'The Great War', around the mid-20th century, and some believe Salad Fingers takes place in a far-along future, in a post apocolyptic future.