Varsity child

The child.

The Varsity Jacket-Wearing Child is a character in episode two, a human male child wearing a varsity jacket is seen outdoors near Salad Fingers' house. Having spotted the lad, Salad Fingers calls for help several times from within the house, coaxing the worried looking child inside. Salad Fingers asks the young lad to get a fish out of the oven which has finished cooking, as Salad Fingers is unable to reach the fish himself from its position at the back of the oven. The terrified looking child obediently ventures inside of the oven while Salad Fingers holds open the oven door. While the child is inside, Salad Fingers is enticed by a sharp rusty nail sticking out of the wall next to him and goes over to it, letting go of the oven door. The oven door closes by itself, trapping the young lad inside, who is presumably burned alive. Salad Fingers caresses the nail, before impaling his finger on it and splattering blood over himself, much to his enjoyment. The blood loss causes him to enter a deep dreamlike trance.


Salad Fingers has the child go inside his oven to get the fish out for him. However, the oven door falls shut and traps him in, burning him alive. In one episode the child's "M" is seen in a dumpster, indicating Salad Fingers threw away his remains or at least his clothing.

There is one theory that Yvonne is actually the digested boy.


The boy, going inside the oven, about to be burnt to death.


The child doesn't speak a single word or make any noise during the entire episode. He decided to assist Salad Fingers despite the obvious horrified look on his face. Salad Fingers sees the boy as a blessing for appearing when he did to remove the 'hard-to-reach' cooked fish from the oven, citing his "supple little frame" as perfect for retrieving the fish from the back of the oven.

The boy was the least mutated (if mutated at all) character in the entire series, but had a perpetual look of horror upon his face. Unlike Salad Fingers, if the boy is not insane, then he was most likely horrified by the environment around him and was in shock. His behavior in the house was a good indicator:

  • He willingly enters Salad Fingers' home (out of fear or hope)
  • The oven either was off when he climbed in, or on and he failed/refused to notice
  • The door shut and he either got locked in or didn't try to escape
  • The boy couldn't get out despite struggling or didn't struggle

Hubert Cumberdale's distorted electronic screams in Salad Fingers' dream might actually be the screams of the child that have been trapped in the oven while he was unconscious.

Episode ListEdit

  • Friends (Debut and Deceased) - He goes into Salad Fingers's house when he calls for help, attempting to help him get the fish out of the oven. However, he gets trapped inside and burns to death.

Appearance Edit

Jacket- The Varsity Jacket-Wearing Child has a light pink jacket with a white inner-jacket. His jacket also has an M on right side. The meaning of the M is unknown. Head, face and hair- The boy has black, pointed up strands of hair with a mostly bald head. Unlike Salad Fingers, he does not have an iris. Instead, he just has pupils. He also has an oval head. Pants and shoes- The child has black pants with black shoes and white socks.