The Yellow Child is a yellow bug-eyed creature who owns many rusty objects (which Salad Fingers strokes) and a small house. While Salad Fingers calls it Aunty Bainbridge in the ninth episode, he also calls it a "young child" in the first, showing that he does not, in fact, know it at all. This is further evidenced when it backs away from Salad Fingers when he tries to hug it in the ninth episode. It is difficult to tell whether this is a person and what its gender is.


Like everything else, Yellow Child is most likely a mutant that has been severely affected by The Great War (much like Salad Fingers). It shows absolutely no behavioral characteristics and simply watches Salad Fingers. It is incapable of speaking at all (it is assumed) and only screeches. Salad Fingers doesn't show any form of fear in response to the screeches.

In the 9th episode, the Yellow Child casually strolls away while Salad Fingers is eating a sandwich. After this, the Yellow Child was never seen again.


The Yellow Child is a short, yellow creature with a wrinkly, yellow face and two big, beady eyes. It wears a green shirt and has a black, stitched-looking mouth.

Episode AppearancesEdit


  • The Yellow Child lives close enough to Salad Fingers for the latter to reach him in a wheelchair.
  • It is possible that the painting/photo of the man in Yellow Child's house was itself before The Great War happened.